Over the Rainbow Lisboa



Based in Lisboa.

Based on values we share: diversity, equality and inclusion.

Over The Rainbow Lisboa Diversity Brand offers not only apparel, but an entire lifestyle and stories inspired by the shimmering colorful tiles, street art, graffiti, lush greenery of Lisbon and the ocean.

Join us and be part of a community where everyone can be colourful and unique, and where love and acceptance are boundless.

Equality on hoodie

custom sneakers

The samples of the uniquely hand-painted shoes echo the atmosphere of Lisbon graffiti. Of course, as a recurring motif, the values of the city and the community, as well as the tiles, also appear here.

I work with branded, high-quality shoes.

The paints used were specially developed for this purpose.

sparky colored clothes

We draw inspiration from Lisbon’s colorful, shiny tiles, the ocean, and sunshine. 

Also talking about important values for the LGBTQIA+ community present in the city.

We work with high-quality, 100% cotton polo shirts and sweaters.

Premium quality apparel brands to give you the best quality guaranteed.

We only use high quality apparel brands to give you the Best Quality Guaranteed, all products are handled individually for best quality.

branded pride

Pride-themed products from global brands who support the LGBTQIA+ community and values.

Typically small series releases.

You can find these treasures over the rainbow 😉